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Warrington Borough Council
Have bag, will learn

Warrington Borough Council approached the Cheshire and Warrington LSC last March for Local Initiative Funding to support a project to produce ten themed resource bags to be used by families visiting the town's museum. The bags were developed and designed by parents and children at the Green Lane Community Special School with the help of local Brownie groups and Padgate High School. 

The parents involved in the project have been attending a family literacy course and have also acquired new IT skills needed in the production of the bags, for example much of the research was Internet based.

The bags contain games linked to literacy and numeracy skills, books, worksheets and educational toys.  These materials will be relevant for children aged 3-11 and their families.  The library will be monitoring the use of the bags by families to test how effective and suitable they have been and whether they have encouraged new families to the museum.

 The bags were launched officially on 4 March at the Warrington Museum and were immediately put to use by a group of Green Lane pupils
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The Extracare Warrington Ryfields Retirement Village Appeal
This is to initiate care sector training for staff employed in the retirement village, targeting primarily women.
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West Cheshire College - Learning and Work
In response to the JIP welfare to work initiative for Disabled People. Cheshire 3 year plan 2001-2003 the JIP Welfare to Work Steering group are proposing a collaborative initiative/scheme to extend work placements to include disabled students. This scheme/initiative will monitor 150 students from the Access to FE programme at West Cheshire College who will have the opportunity to access work.
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Reaseheath College
Food Chain Technology for 14-19 Year Olds
The project seeks to build upon the work instigated in Spring 2002 in addressing perceived negative images of agriculture and associated industries recently exacerbated by the BSE and Foot & Mouth crises.  The project's main aim will be to convert interest into activity.

Provision of information and advice for adults in rural communities
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TTE Training Limited - Management Enterprise
Management Enterprise provides Management Development opportunities for 60 individuals from within the chemical, manufacturing, process & associated industries and public service. It aims to increase the stock of skilled managers and provide a continuum for competitiveness.
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Connect - Skills Enterprise
Connect - Skills Enterprise provides Skills Development opportunities for 140 individuals from within the chemical, manufacturing, process & associated industries and public service. It aims to raise the skill levels of individuals, embed an enabling infrastructure, which augments support and provide a continuum for competitiveness.

Basic Skills Network
Youth Work and the Basic Skills of Young People
The project will increase the quantity and range of Basic Skills learning opportunities for young people in Warrington and Macclesfield, particularly those who have become disaffected with traditional education.  It will also increase the opportunities such young people have to achieve recognised accreditation for their learning while participating in FE and Youth Service-organised activities.
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Norman Mackie & Associates Ltd
Training of Trainers in supported employment
This will deliver capacity building in the field of supported employment.  Supported Employment is an approach to supporting individuals with learning disabilities or significant disadvantage in the learning and labour market.
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Warrington Business Venture
The project will be to appoint a Women's Outreach Worker who will support women to participate in current lifelong learning opportunities.  The worker will build on the initiatives started through present schemes based at the Neighbourhood Centre, Winsford and the Family Centre, Northwich. Both projects provide community access to ICT and associated training packages i.e.. Learndirect.

NCH Lache Family Centre - Family Group Learning Project
Lache is an area of  high unemployment and high family stress. Based in a well -established Family Centre, the Lache Groupwork Project aims to offer 8-week groups to 6 parents (with variations) at a time and offer a creche facility.  It will encourage the development of confidence, social skills and community involvement for individuals.

Ellesmere Port & Neston Borough Council 
Westminster Starting Points
The plan is to add dedicated LLL and creche rooms to Westminster Community Centre, which already houses a small Community CyberCentre.  The only other room is already used almost all week for community activities.  It will also provide a LLL programme six days a week through a range of partners. This will particularly aim to develop confidence in learning, improved basic skills and initial ICT competence.

Connexions - Enhanced advice and guidance
The aim of this project is to deliver a range of in depth guidance services and tailored support for CV development, interview skill training and other services, designed to help individuals improve their employment prospects. This does not duplicate activity funded though IAG but complements this and targets this support to disadvantaged groups of individuals.

ACE Project
To develop the provision of complementary curriculum strategies and entitlements for young people. The project will be broken down to 3 phases lead by a co-ordinator who will manage a multi agency team. Targeted at excluded pupils and those at risk from exclusion and looking and curriculum alternatives at a strategic level.

Specialist Health Promotion Service for East Cheshire 
Health promotion
This project will offer a learning advocacy and advisory service from within GP practices. The project has a specific goal of reaching people who may be experiencing poor health, and or social isolation, and who may derive health benefits from accessing formal or informal learning opportunities.  A partnership approach will encourage links between primary health care and learning/training providers via GP surgeries.

Total People - Prospects Plus
Offering work experience in the Ellesmere Port for pupils excluded or at risk from exclusion. The project offers a qualification, which is additional to that currently offered through the Education Business Link Organisation.
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Basic Skills in the Workplace
To Develop a centre of Excellence in Basic Skills. A 3 phase process involving capacity building, training and development of existing staff and delivery through short courses.

Vale Royal Disability Service  - VRDS IT Learn Centre
The "Dane Walk" project is a pilot project in partnership with CCC Social Services, VRBC and VRDS, which we hope will be extended to other areas within the county if successful.  The project will provide a really innovative and educational opportunity for physically disabled adults resident within the Vale Royal area

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre
The project will deliver 3 separate training courses.  They will include basic life skills, communication skills, confidence building and assertiveness, basic job seeking skills and CV writing.  The project will enable service users who wish to volunteer to develop the necessary skills to do so.

Cheshire Disabilities Service
The project will provide training opportunities to
(a) People who have physical &/or mental disabilities, learning difficulties, older people, disabled children & young adults who require a combination of basic and advanced training on the issues of employing staff.
(b) Families of Direct Payment recipients to provide support and training to enable them to understand the true meaning of independent living.
(c) Personal Assistants recruited and employed by users of Direct Payments.

Cheshire County Council Social Services
The Macon House Project
This project will provide intensive specialised support to 20 long term unemployed adults who have a severe and enduring mental illness.  These people will be known to social services and they face many barriers to accessing learning of any kind or moving closer to the world of work.

DICE and Shopmobility Centre
Providing vocational training for individuals with disabilities
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Chester in Partnership
Pilot project delivering training on partnership principles, practice and related topics for Chester in Partnership (district LSP), constituent partnerships and networks, to ensure that all concerned have relevant skills and confidence to contribute.

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